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Learn Italian with Berlitz

Italian lessons - individual and group Italian language courses

Thanks to the specially developed Berlitz® method, we will teach you to speak and react promptly, whether you will need to use Italian  for a business negotiation or your work, your holiday or simply when you want to refresh and enhance your current knowledge of.

Italian lessons based on the Berlitz® method:

  • develop the ability to react promptly in a foreign language and to make oneself understood
  • are conducted by native speakers and experienced instructors
  • are focused on active involvement of the participants to make them speak and think in the foreign language
  • result from individually arranged syllabi and their content is adapted to the participants' needs
  • cover a wide range of Italian courses with the possibility to set up the syllabus individually

What do the Berlitz® Italian courses offer?

Individual Italian lessons focused on the best possible adaptation to the needs of students - the choice of conversational themes, content of the lessons and the syllabus itself correspond to your needs.

Group Italian lessons for pairs and small groups in which you effectively learn the foreign language with fun. The participants of these lessons very effectively compliment and motivate one another for better performance.

Italian corporate lessons include language courses for the employees and specialized seminars on successful handling of business meetings conducted in Italian.

Virtual Italian lessons make it possible to learn Italian  all around the world by way of consultation and lessons conducted through the internet.

Where to take part in the Italian lessons?

You can participate in Italian lessons at the language center in Budapest that provide all kinds of offered courses and study programs of virtual, and also individual, group and corporate lessons.

We shall be glad to let you know of the syllabi of regular Italian courses at any of the language centers.

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