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Corporate Training

Corporate language solutions

Berlitz is also able to offer language programs on your premises. Our school is accredited, enabling you to book the costs of your language courses as a vocational training contribution.

Language consultation

As we know only too well, in today's globalised world success can only be achieved by those companies who are familiar with their client's language and culture. This is why Berlitz offers a specialized solution for your company. You tell us what you or your colleagues wish to achieve with the language, and leave the rest in our capable hands.

Needs Assessment

Our Corporate Client Manager will first carry out a personal needs assessment, on the basis of which we will be able to determine your language requirements, the course content and a budget.

Level Assessment

After defining your language goals, the level at which you will start your learning will be precisely determined. In the oral level assessment your vocabulary, fluency, range of expressions and grammar will be tested.  A written or online level assessment is also available upon request.

Program Preparation

On the basis of the level assessment we will develop a detailed program for you. The program includes the starting level, the length of the course, how intensively you would like to study, the course materials and your goals.

Customizable Content

Every company has their own specialist jargon and terms which we will of course incorporate into the learning schedule.

Absolute Transparency

You will always be kept up to date with the latest information regarding the number of lessons taken and the costs connected.  The students' attendance will be taken as part of the program, and upon request, a progress report can be prepared for every participating student at the end of each level.

Checking Progress

At the end of every course, each participating student writes an end of level test in order to measure progress.  We are also able to prepare students for internationally recognized exams upon request. (TOEFL, TOEIC etc)


We request feedback from every participating student on their learning experiences at the end of each learning cycle. The surveys can be altered according to the particular demands of your company.


At the end of the course, each participating student receives a certificate for the completed material including the results achieved and oral skills.

For more information please contact Corporate Study Advisor:

 István Pertl-  Account Manager


Tel: +36-1/475-20-50

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