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Individual Instruction Premium

Individual Instruction

The ultimate in flexibility.

"As recognized by many people in the field, the standards of Berlitz's instructional programs stand out among language schools. One of the main points I'd like to highlight is that you can acquaint yourself with all the different English accents. I had lessons with British, New-Zealand, Scottish, and American teachers. Of course, the accent is just one aspect; they share their culture with you as well." - Tamás

Who is it for?

A constantly changing schedule tends to be the norm for you, rather than the exception. You require your language training to be tailored to your timetable as much as possible, not the other way round. Learning success and individual learning are equally important factors for you.

The benefits:

  • Quick learning progress through intensive training
  • Full flexibility
  • You will be speaking at least 50% of the time
  • You think and speak in the new language from the start
  • Core themes chosen according to your needs
  • For all languages

How to get started:

Begin whenever you have the time. With Individual Instruction Premium you have full flexibility with regard to the number of lessons, timetable and length of contract. You can even postpone one of your lessons to a later date, up to 2 p.m. of the previous workday.

Free course advice and assessment:

We will be pleased to answer your questions personally. And of course, you will receive an assessment test (Berlitz Level/CEF) free of charge in order to ascertain your current language level.

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