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Blended Language Learning

Meet our award-winning e-Learning program

Berlitz offers different Blended Language Learning options for those within a company who need an extra boost in their training course. Programs include telephone lessons or our signature face-to-face classroom instruction coupled with the award-winning e-Learning platform– CyberTeachers. Hone your employees’ skills with our different Blended Learning solutions or choose our online course for your self-study programs!

Our online program offers unlimited self-study content for language learning. Learners can practice freely, 24/7.

e-Learning CyberTeachers

The language program combines the e-Learning program, CyberTeachers, with our Individual Telephone Instruction courses.

Phone Blended Learning

You can also combine the CyberTeachers platform with face-to-face individual or group instruction.

Face-to-Face Blended

In Berlitz you are free to choose the best combinations to find the Solutions for Virtual and Online instruction that suits you. You decide the type of instructor-led courses you want to combine with e-Learning and we will design customized learning plans for your employees. Contact one of our consultants to analyze the best solution for your company.


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