• Learn how to do business across geographies

Maximize Business Growth

Learn how to do business across geographies

Berlitz can help your company face communicational challenges of doing business globally and in specific countries. These training programs give executives, managers and employees practical knowledge to help them improve their cross-cultural skills in order to work and lead more effectively and excel in business negotiations. 

Overcoming cultural gaps

Your employees are introduced to the Cultural Orientations Indicator® Assessment that identifies significant cultural differences encountered when doing business in specific countries. This information is used to select training modules to overcome critical gaps and promote cultural style-switching, increasing personal effectiveness.

Doing Business effectively in…

Our training platform, Cultural Navigator®, provides a well-rounded learning experience allowing trainees to:

  • Compare and adjust the impact of personal culture with a rich database of countries
  • Access personalized learning paths to improve cultural agility
  • Consult an abundance of relevant resources, the Country Guides

These training programs help employees perform successfully in a multicultural business environment. Trainees considerably increase their cultural sensitivity as they can scan different countries and overcome potential cultural gaps, thanks to our online guides. For more information on our Intercultural Training Solutions, contact a Berlitz consultant today.


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