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Designed to keep learners motivated

The e-Learning program CyberTeachers is a perfect online tool for improving your employees’ language skills with maximum flexibility. Upon subscription, trainees take an online language audit. Then, a personalized course plan is prepared for each individual, taking into account their language level, learning objectives and preferences. Learners benefit from unlimited access to the platform and can work daily on new and engaging content designed to keep them motivated and help them achieve their language goals.

Benefits of our e-Learning courses
  • E-lesson program personalized to each individual’s job profile and goals
  • Multi-device course, accessible from computers, smartphones or tablets
  • Comprehensive monitoring tools available for both learners and managers
  • The Premium version - CyberTeachers Live - offers live tutors available 24/7 and live classes in chat rooms with a trainer and other users

A rich variety of learning resources

CyberTeachers offers many additional tools* to accelerate learning. Learners receive a 5-minute daily lesson to work on specific rules, expressions and mistakes to avoid. A rich database of exercises provides hundreds of hours of targeted practice of their grammar, vocabulary, oral and written skills. Innovative help tools such as videos, writing assistants, dictionary, translator and a speech trainer are always available to enhance the self-study experience. Training is accessed via a web browser and no installation of programs is required. Your employees can work from anywhere, whether they are at the office, at home, using a third-party computer or even a mobile device.

Available for 4 target languages:

/res/berlitz-pl/United-Kingdom.png English  /res/berlitz-pl/Spain.png Spanish /res/berlitz-pl/France.png French  /res/berlitz-pl/Germany.png German  

Contact one of our consultants to request a personalized presentation of our award winning e-Learning platform and learn how CyberTeachers can help your employees improve their language competencies.


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