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The modular course designs always create synergies among trainings

Berlitz uses a modular course design that enables your company to focus on one area without ignoring other areas. These modular courses were developed to increase your employees' efficiency and effectiveness. The corporate courses available at Berlitz are subdivided into three categories: language, management, and intercultural training.

No matter which category you select there will be a certain amount of overlap with the other two categories, though the specific amount of overlap varies from course to course. In all categories the primary focus is on communication, as Berlitz believes this is the key to unlocking sound knowledge in all three categories.


These courses primarily focus on improving the language proficiency of your staff members. The courses utilize topics from your company's specific field of interest, allowing Berlitz trainers to also improve your employees' knowledge in other useful areas.


These Berlitz courses focus on what defines good management and what steps the management team needs to take to maintain and enhance the quality of your products and services. You can also have these courses taught in English, for example, giving participants a chance to simultaneously hone their language skills.

Intercultural training

In a globalized world a competent understanding of similarities and differences between various cultures is indispensible. These courses are designed to shed light on how you can successfully work with companies from other countries, cultures and backgrounds. Like management courses, the intercultural training courses can also be taught in a foreign language.

In all of the courses offered at Berlitz you will gain confidence in your ability to communicate both within the company hierarchy and with outside countries from around the world, regardless of which language the courses are taught in. Berlitz's extensive experience in the field of communication guarantees the end results.

The benefits to both your employees and your company are enormous. Contact your local Berlitz center to enquire about booking courses held on your company premises.


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