Forget about the "royal we"!

Learn in private from natives speakers!

Financial audits? Online conferences? Business meetings?

Or you just really want to order in a restaurant what you meant to order?

There can be many reasons why you have to use a foreign language, but the goal is always the same:
to speak with confidence, no matter who is sitting across the table!

Private courses - flexibility above all!

The Face-to-Face Individual courses combine all the benefits of the proven Berlitz Method® with the advantages of working with a personal instructor who is prepared to help you overcome your limits, making you speak at least 50% of the time. Your native instructor - using the target language only - will present cultural aspects during the lessons so that you become accustomed to them.

The course material and pace are determined according to your goal and language knowledge.




Immersion Light - light and efficient!

A program for those who want to spend the Indian summer usefully. Rapid development can be achieved in 1-2 weeks. How?

  • 4 or 8 language lessons per day for a week, in a classroom or online
  • native teachers who teach not only the language but also their culture
  • personalized topics, learning only what you need
  • use the target language from the first minute to the last/res/berlitz-hu/corporate_individuals/Copy-of-Most-20-kedvezmennyel-1.png

Total Immersion® - full immersion in language learning!

The Total Immersion® course helps you improve your language skills in record time. Choose a one-week or more program that is guaranteed to meet your goals.

  • 60 lessons per week with 3 native language instructors
  • 1 lesson per day with 2 instructors at a time
  • Business lunch outside of school
  • 1 lesson per day with CyberTeachers/res/berlitz-hu/corporate_individuals/Copy-of-Most-20-kedvezmennyel-1.png


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