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Take part in our discounted individual course

Do you want to further develop your existing knowledge or learn a new language? Berlitz’s native and native-speaking instructors are ready to teach you online on the Zoom interface. Our classes take place in a virtual environment, but everything else works the same way you have experienced in your personal Berlitz courses so far.

To attend a free demonstration class simply submit a message to us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Benefits of our Virtual Instruction
  • Live individual language lessons, without the need to travel off-site
  • Experienced native or native-fluent speakers
  • Eliminates geographic and scheduling constraints
  • Identical to in-class Berlitz Method® language training with live communication

Berlitz at your fingertips

At Berlitz’s online language courses, students communicate with their native teacher through the internet in live education. This form of global language learning is the same as the live language classes available at Berlitz’s language centers, but is much more flexible as it adapts to the learner’s schedule and there is no need to travel. Instructors select course materials relevant to your employees' industry or department, which ensures the applicability of their new or improved skills within your company structure. The convenience of the virtual classroom together with the attention of an individual instructor and the effectiveness of the Berlitz Method® are a guarantee of goal-achievement.

Get the power of our innovative virtual classrooms. Contact one of our consultants to obtain more information about our global distance-learning solutions.


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