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Succeed in the global business by understanding your customer

with the Sales and Management Seminars by Berlitz

Good sales and customer management is one of the most essential components to a company's success. With that in mind Berlitz has organized sales and customer management seminars designed to increase your understanding of this important area. The seminars are held in your company with employees from the company, which allows the trainer to focus on your industry- and department-specific needs. A better understanding of how to manage customers and sales will help in the pursuit of your professional goals, no matter how small or large the company is. Additionally, Berlitz's expertise shines through in its topical and informative seminars.

Improve more than just one professional skill

The benefit of attending Berlitz seminars is the flexibility in terms of language. Many companies choose to book seminars in a foreign language so that employees can increase their understanding of the topic at hand while improving their proficiency in the target language at the same time. In this way you can work on two professional objectives at once, taking two steps toward the successful completion of your goals in a single stride.

An extensive range of seminar topics

In total Berlitz offers seminars in more than 60 topics from a wide variety of industries, meaning the knowledge you gain will be specific to your particular area of interest. What's more, you can overlap many of the topics, allowing you to cover multiple topics in one seminar in a way that is relevant to your company. The level of flexibility built into Berlitz seminars facilitates a customized experience designed to achieve your goals and the goals of your company. 

In addition to organizing seminars on your company premises, Berlitz also offers four-hour mini-seminars developed to pack in a lot of information in a shorter amount of time. This is a wonderful option in companies where scheduling can be difficult.


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