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Total Immersion®

The most intensive and efficient language training

One of the most efficient ways to learn a language and understand a new market is through immersion. The Berlitz Total Immersion® courses are an excellent choice for companies who need employees to increase their proficiency in another language quickly and lastingly. The course is comprised of 12 45-minute lessons per day, with a total of 60 lessons per week. This very high density of instruction guarantees trainees will be proficient in the target language in record time.

Benefits of our Total Immersion® courses
  • Individual language and intercultural courses focused on professional goals
  • Intensive and effective learning experience for all language levels using the Berlitz Method®
  • Courses tailored to your company's objectives and to your employees job profile
  • Out-of-classroom learning for practice in social contexts (business lunches)

Customized and targeted learning

Berlitz offers the best possible support so that your employees achieve their goals quickly. You can opt to have a trainer at your company, or have your employee come to a Berlitz center. Learners spend at least 50% of the time speaking the new language, guaranteeing quick improvement of their oral skills. Content is tailor-made to your corporate needs. Berlitz draws upon an extensive collection of content and can include company-specific vocabulary, articles and materials in the course. The language your employees learn is immediately applicable in their professional field increasing your Return on Training.

Communication is a vital skill in any industry and Berlitz works hand-in-hand with you to give your employees the language and cultural competencies they need to further your corporate objectives. Contact one of our consultants to obtain more information about the Total Immersion® course and other intensive course options.


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