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Face-to-Face Blended Language Learning

Our unique language learning solution for companies

The Face-to-Face Blended Learning solution combines Berlitz’s signature classroom instruction with the convenience of e-Learning with CyberTeachers. Learners can practice in self-study from home or from the office, at their own pace. In their face-to-face lessons they concentrate on their listening and oral expression skills. This course is designed to maximize training efficiency, giving your employees unlimited access to an additional source to practice their language skills outside of the classroom.

Benefits of our Face-to-Face Blended Learning courses
  • Optimization of teacher time as they concentrate on language activation
  • Unlimited access to our award-winning e-Learning program - CyberTeachers
  • Higher motivation thanks to the attention of a face-to-face instructor
  • Customized content linked to learners profession or areas of interest

Optimization of classroom speaking time

The Face-to-Face Blended-Learning is based on the exclusive Berlitz Method® and instructors concentrate on the practice of oral skills. In this unique language program, learners do prior work on comprehension and memorization through e-Learning, thus maximizing the speaking time in the classroom. The course content is personalized to each individual learning profile, objectives, profession and interests. This makes for a flexible and efficient learning experience. With personalized content and fast results, learners keep highly motivated all throughout their training.

With our Face-to-Face Blended Learning courses you can optimize your corporate training budgets. Contact one of our consultants to find out the perfect Blended Learning solution for your employees.

Available for the language:

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